Friday, 4 December 2009

First, thanks to Claire for the fabulous idea! I wanted to do something of this nature, but apparently needed the inspiration from someone else to get started!

Second, this is so exciting! Like Claire, I LOVE RAoK-ing, but tend to forget about it and then realize weeks later that I hadn't made any conscious effort to perform RAoKs. I'm really looking forward to the challenge. My goal is to not only perform RAoKs, but to come up with new and creative ones that will force me to step out of my comfort zone. So in an effort to prepare/train for 365RAoK, I'm working on doing more RAoKs during December (a month that welcomes kindness and surprises!), and starting an RAoK idea list.

So, I say, bring on the challenge! I second Claire's invite to anyone that wants to join us! Plus, I would also welcome any ideas. I'm sure at some point during the year I'll fall short of new ideas, so any suggestions will be welcome.

Have a brilliant weekend!


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  1. Thanks for joining, sweetie! Oh so excited!



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