Friday, 4 December 2009

365 random acts of kindness

It begins.

You sit there, making notes for, let's say, an assembly.

You're talking about kindness, and helping, and Join Me (the kindness collective you're part of), and the joy of RAoKing. For the uninitiated, a RAoK is a "random act of kindness", and Joinees (of which I am one) try to do one every Friday. We call them "Good Fridays".

Anyways, you get to thinking about RAoKing. And you think, why once a week? Why not more often? Why not every day? WHY NOT EVERY DAY FOR A WHOLE YEAR???

And lo, RAoK 365 was born.

365 RAoKs. In a year.

And now, it's not just dear friend Emily's up for the challenge also.

Bring on January 1st and the RAoKing, say I!


PS If you'd like to join us, do drop me an email...the more the merrier!


Ooooh, a comment? Why thank you!

Have a beautiful day!