Saturday, 16 January 2010

Happy Reading!

I don't know what inspired me to do this, but I wrote a message (in pencil) on page 180 of my library book for the next reader:

"You are the light at the end of the tunnel" (and I underlined the word, you).

Happy Weekend!

And the RAoKing continues. I'm being pretty good at doing something every day, although sometimes it can be a bit last minute (hello, 14 hour work day the other day!), and I'm still really enjoying it. I'm also looking forward to getting together with Vixie soon to compare notes and maybe plan some things together...

RAoK #6: sent an email to a company I admire, just thanking them for what they do.

RAoK #7: left some yummy biscuits in the school secretaries' pigeonhole, so they could have something yummy with their afternoon tea.

RAoK #8: helped a lady get her buggy up the stairs at the underground stop.

RAoK #9: sent a book and a note to a beautiful lady.

RAoK #10: RAoKed a RAoKer, with a book. Oh, and sent a sweet baby girl a book.

RAoK #11: put a copy of 'Join Me' in a colleague's pigeonhole.

RAoK #12: bought the next round for two guys in a bar (bless them, they were so sweet and surprised!).

RAoK #13: What else but Haiti? Made a donation to the World Food Project.

RAoK #14: there's a collector at one of my local tube stops, who everyone tends to zoom past. I stopped to chat with him and gave him some money (this also led to me losing Aksinia and Emer on the train, but that's another story!).

RAoK #15: in the pub we go to each Friday after work, there's a business card bowl, where you can pick up the pub's details. Now there's also a hudden five-pound-note. I always think five pounds is the ideal amount to find - enough to buy something...not so big that you'd necessarily hand it in!

RAoK on, lovelies!


Saturday, 9 January 2010


Lovely to see you looking so well!

Unfortunately, I have not been my ol' tip-top self of late, but that hasn't stopped me from RAoKing! Here's what I have done so far:

RAoK #1 - posting chocolate coins and Happy New Year messages to all my neighbours.
RAoK #2 - bought a random person a gift from their Amazon Wishlist.
RAoK #3 - including an extra special extra gift when sending out a parcel.
RAoK #4 - hugging everyone who works in my building (perhaps that's why I'm all ill...)
RAoK #5 - sending a letter of praise and some sweeties to the AA man who helped my silly friend when he got locked out of his car.
RAoK #6 - going into work on snow day when everyone else was out playing in the snow!
RAoK #7 - signing up to an online mentoring service.
RAoK #8 - donating to a JustGiving page.
RAoK #9 - sending an unexpected present to someone.

I hope not to take so long in updating next time :)

Happy RAoKing!

Vixie xx

Friday, 8 January 2010 I am! Sorry about the late update! I've been busy with the holidays--traveling and working!

Anyway, I've been keeping track of the RAoKs in a little diary that I had laying let me see if I can update you all on what I've done. The first week of the year I was in Alabama visiting my family. They live in the country and we usually stay around their houses and don't really go out. So, some of my RAoKs were for my family members who I don't see all that often.

January 1: be honest I didn't do anything that day. I was with my family and they live in the middle of nowhere. Literally. We didn't even leave the house all day. Now, I did explain my RAoK goals to my family and they got all excited about it. A few of them have started doing RAoKs as well!! Anyway, I have to make up one for this day.
January 2: I sent a nice letter in the mail to a random person I picked from the phone book.
January 3: Although not a random person, I spent 2 hours with my lonely grandmother. She has dementia and needs the company. It's hard to be around her for that long because we end up having the same conversations over and over...but I needed to do that.
January 4: While in the bookstore, I helped a woman whose son had just knocked over a whole shelf of books. Others were just standing around watching...
January 5: This is another family one...I was supposed to leave Alabama and go home this day, but my 10 year old cousin really wanted me to stay and watch her basketball game. So, I surprised her by staying the extra night, going to her game, and taking her out for pizza afterward.
January 6: Although this isn't huge, I was a really nice motorist. I spent the whole day driving back to Louisiana. So, I let people pass me easily, I didn't get mad and cuss when others were annoying drivers, I let people into lanes, and I let others go ahead of me at the gas pump.
January 7: It was a really cold day yesterday...and also really rainy. So, I wrote the postman a nice thank-you card and put some hand warmers in the letter for him.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Getting underway

Hi there! Wow, I like what you've done with your hair today!

So by now we're up to day five of our little endeavour - how's everyone doing? The best way to keep up with us (or join us :-)) is to check for the #raok365 hashtag on twitter and facebook - I've really been enjoying reading what Phil and Vixie have been up to! Ily and Emily are no doubt RAoKing up a storm on their side of the ocean and I am so looking forward to hearing about their triumphs!

As for me?

Well, RAoK #1 was a thank you card to someone on my road who always keeps their garden beautiful. Our particular area of London is a bit hit and miss upkeep-wise, so to walk past a well-kept, pretty garden every day is ace. RAoK # 2 was a £5 donation on JustGiving to someone random. RAoK # 3 saw me make a care package and mail it to someone who won't be expecting it! RAoK # 4 was one of my favourites...Leaving the £1 you need for the gym locker in my gym locker once I'd finished with it.

Today was day 5...I donated to a JustGiving, sent someone a nice comment on their fundraising project, and wrote a note to a Postpal. I seem to be doing OK far. Ask me again in a few weeks! As ever, if you have an idea for a RAoK, please leave a comment, or email us at

Soon I'll be doing some RAoKspiration posts - one on ideas my class came up with, and some linking to places like Postpals where you can do RAoKs, or sites that give lists of ideas. I hope they'll be helpful!

Right, life and work are calling, so I must close for now.

Happy RAoKing!


PS I must thank my wonderful Matthew, not just for mailing many many things for me (his work is closer to a post office than mine! This may be a busy year, baby...), but also for giving me the cute little diary in which I'm recording my RAoKs. The man's a gem!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!

And so the challenge begins....