Saturday, 16 January 2010

Happy Weekend!

And the RAoKing continues. I'm being pretty good at doing something every day, although sometimes it can be a bit last minute (hello, 14 hour work day the other day!), and I'm still really enjoying it. I'm also looking forward to getting together with Vixie soon to compare notes and maybe plan some things together...

RAoK #6: sent an email to a company I admire, just thanking them for what they do.

RAoK #7: left some yummy biscuits in the school secretaries' pigeonhole, so they could have something yummy with their afternoon tea.

RAoK #8: helped a lady get her buggy up the stairs at the underground stop.

RAoK #9: sent a book and a note to a beautiful lady.

RAoK #10: RAoKed a RAoKer, with a book. Oh, and sent a sweet baby girl a book.

RAoK #11: put a copy of 'Join Me' in a colleague's pigeonhole.

RAoK #12: bought the next round for two guys in a bar (bless them, they were so sweet and surprised!).

RAoK #13: What else but Haiti? Made a donation to the World Food Project.

RAoK #14: there's a collector at one of my local tube stops, who everyone tends to zoom past. I stopped to chat with him and gave him some money (this also led to me losing Aksinia and Emer on the train, but that's another story!).

RAoK #15: in the pub we go to each Friday after work, there's a business card bowl, where you can pick up the pub's details. Now there's also a hudden five-pound-note. I always think five pounds is the ideal amount to find - enough to buy something...not so big that you'd necessarily hand it in!

RAoK on, lovelies!


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