Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Getting underway

Hi there! Wow, I like what you've done with your hair today!

So by now we're up to day five of our little endeavour - how's everyone doing? The best way to keep up with us (or join us :-)) is to check for the #raok365 hashtag on twitter and facebook - I've really been enjoying reading what Phil and Vixie have been up to! Ily and Emily are no doubt RAoKing up a storm on their side of the ocean and I am so looking forward to hearing about their triumphs!

As for me?

Well, RAoK #1 was a thank you card to someone on my road who always keeps their garden beautiful. Our particular area of London is a bit hit and miss upkeep-wise, so to walk past a well-kept, pretty garden every day is ace. RAoK # 2 was a £5 donation on JustGiving to someone random. RAoK # 3 saw me make a care package and mail it to someone who won't be expecting it! RAoK # 4 was one of my favourites...Leaving the £1 you need for the gym locker in my gym locker once I'd finished with it.

Today was day 5...I donated to a JustGiving, sent someone a nice comment on their fundraising project, and wrote a note to a Postpal. I seem to be doing OK ideaswise...so far. Ask me again in a few weeks! As ever, if you have an idea for a RAoK, please leave a comment, or email us at raok365@googlemail.com.

Soon I'll be doing some RAoKspiration posts - one on ideas my class came up with, and some linking to places like Postpals where you can do RAoKs, or sites that give lists of ideas. I hope they'll be helpful!

Right, life and work are calling, so I must close for now.

Happy RAoKing!


PS I must thank my wonderful Matthew, not just for mailing many many things for me (his work is closer to a post office than mine! This may be a busy year, baby...), but also for giving me the cute little diary in which I'm recording my RAoKs. The man's a gem!

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