Friday, 8 January 2010 I am! Sorry about the late update! I've been busy with the holidays--traveling and working!

Anyway, I've been keeping track of the RAoKs in a little diary that I had laying let me see if I can update you all on what I've done. The first week of the year I was in Alabama visiting my family. They live in the country and we usually stay around their houses and don't really go out. So, some of my RAoKs were for my family members who I don't see all that often.

January 1: be honest I didn't do anything that day. I was with my family and they live in the middle of nowhere. Literally. We didn't even leave the house all day. Now, I did explain my RAoK goals to my family and they got all excited about it. A few of them have started doing RAoKs as well!! Anyway, I have to make up one for this day.
January 2: I sent a nice letter in the mail to a random person I picked from the phone book.
January 3: Although not a random person, I spent 2 hours with my lonely grandmother. She has dementia and needs the company. It's hard to be around her for that long because we end up having the same conversations over and over...but I needed to do that.
January 4: While in the bookstore, I helped a woman whose son had just knocked over a whole shelf of books. Others were just standing around watching...
January 5: This is another family one...I was supposed to leave Alabama and go home this day, but my 10 year old cousin really wanted me to stay and watch her basketball game. So, I surprised her by staying the extra night, going to her game, and taking her out for pizza afterward.
January 6: Although this isn't huge, I was a really nice motorist. I spent the whole day driving back to Louisiana. So, I let people pass me easily, I didn't get mad and cuss when others were annoying drivers, I let people into lanes, and I let others go ahead of me at the gas pump.
January 7: It was a really cold day yesterday...and also really rainy. So, I wrote the postman a nice thank-you card and put some hand warmers in the letter for him.


  1. Hooray!

    Well done.

    I need to do an update too. Which may just consist of reposting my tweets.

  2. Yay! Great RAoKs, my beautiful girl! :-)



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