Saturday, 12 December 2009

And now there are 5...

Yes, there are now 5 of us on this journey. 4 girls, one boy. 3 Brits, two Americans. And potentially a whole lot of RAoKs (1825, all being well).

Since starting thinking about this, I have found my eyes have re-opened to the chances for RAoKs that abound all around us. For the words and deeds that can make our world a little brighter. For the effort and time and thought that we can put in to help someone else, whether they are a stranger, or someone we know and love deeply.

I'm so excited for this journey to begin!

Oh, and if you'd like to join us, please do just email at The more the merrier, for sure!


PS Can you believe it's nearly Christmas? I may do some Christmassy RAoKs as a warm up!


  1. I'm up for it...Christmassy RAoKs! This time of year can be extremely lonely for some people, so why not get the ball rolling early with some warm-ups? Great idea!!

  2. Hello RAoKers,

    I was chatting to someone about this (who probably wouldn't mind if I used their name, but shall rename nameless for the sake of form). They had some questions on rules and I have some suggestions for answers. I don't want to take part as much due to finding writing time as anything. So I hope me offering suggestions doesn't offend.

    Guiding principle. Original and daily is best, but catching up and repeats are still RAoKs and therefore awesome.

    Posting timings. Is daily recommended, or weekly, or how ever often someone can do it? There's enough of you now to have a weekly post on a different day of the week. This means that if any of you can't get to a compute each day, you still spends as long at the top. Say: Mon = Claire, Tue = Emily, Wed = Ily, Thur = Phil, Fri = Vixie.

  3. cDave, thanks for the comment, hon! I was thinking more that I will post as and when I can, in batches, really. With my schedule there's no way I could commit to a day each and every week. And sometimes I might want to do a post about one that went particularly well or badly and share straightaway. Of course, if the others want to be more ordered, awesome! :-)

    As for catch ups, they are indeed fabulous...but I'm trying to keep myself on track by being strixt about that one....again, other people may vary the approach, and thet's wicked, but for me I think the daily challenge will make it all the more fun!


  4. And Ily, gorgeous?




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