Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What raok365 has taught me (so far)

Like Phil, the last to post here, I've been working through raok365, but have been finding some sticking points. Do I raok every day? Pretty much. But do I raok "big" enough? What does and doesn't qualify as a raok? Do I count those small moments which can make someone's day a little brighter, someone's load a little lighter, or is there some sort of bar I have to reach?

So a few weeks back, I stopped tweeting every raok (although I do still update fairly regularly, with the hashtag #raok365). And it felt absolutely wonderful. I'm still raoking, and pretty much every day. Sometimes three or four times a day. Occasionally not at all.

Because for me this challenge is now about putting good stuff out there. Helping people. Loving people. Wanting to do something cool for someone else. To answer one of my own questions in the first paragraph, I think all random acts of kindness count. Whether you give someone £20 for charity or a seat on the tube, both are giving, both are good.

So now, instead of switching off the computer thinking "Oh poo, did I raok? Did I tweet it?", I now get into bed at the end of the night and try to remember all the raoks I've done. And when I wake up, I plan new ones on my commute to work. As for this blog, well I'm going to aim to check in every couple of weeks (at least) from now on to share cool ideas, fun raoks, and inspiration.

A kind word is like a Spring day. ~Russian Proverb


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  1. That is a wonderful outlook! Even just asking the question seems to redirect the day towards your goal - how can I make a difference in others?

    Very different from current view of how can I, I, I society.


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