Sunday, 9 May 2010

How to be kind. By my class. (part 1)

We had a great session on 'kindness' a few weeks back. My class are no strangers to raoking, and naturally were most excited to put forward their ideas on what I (or indeed, anyone) could do as a Random Act of Kindness.

I asked them "what kind thing could you do to make someone smile?" Here are their suggestions (there were so many, I've split the bunch in two):

* Give a funny card to someone.

* Let someone drive past when you are trying to get out.

* Plant more seeds.

* Help someone when they are ill.

* Be nice to the flatmates.

* Send someone a letter or card.

* Offer an older person your seat on the Tube.

* Buy someone a drink.

* Bake someone a cake.

* Help someone to do their chores when they are ill.

* Do something for charity.

* Tidy your room before mummy asks.

* Adopt a badger.

* Plant a tree.

* Write a nice letter to your friends.

* Give food to the poor.

* Help someone get off the tube.

* Give a present to someone who's feeling sad.

* Try to help someone feel better when they are ill.

* Give a coffee to all the teachers.

* Help your sister to read.

* Give your unwanted clothes to a homeless shelter or a charity shop.

* Take care of someone who feels tired.

* Help a blind man across the road.

* Send people flowers.

* Call someone who you miss.

* Invite your friends round for dinner.

* Make something for someone.

* Spend your time and read a story to old people.

* Pick up rubbish on the street and put it in the bin.

* Tell someone which way to go if they are lost.

* Help someone by carrying their books.

Pretty groovy, eh? I'm going to try a few of these this week. 8 and 9 year olds are wise.


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  1. this is great...sometimes I wonder why some are so mean...kindness does so much for a person....more than any amount of harshness


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