Friday, 19 February 2010

We continue...

Well, it seems as though raok365 is going well, and I know I am having a blast doing it! Vixie, Phil and I are all posting our raoks pretty regularly over on Twitter - a selection of recent raoks from us include....

* Hiding money on a café table for your waitress to find.

* Leaving a surprise gift for baby twin girls.

* Writing a letter to praise excellent service.

*Lots of charity donations.

* Sending flowers.

* Picking up a beer bottle rolling around the top deck of the 41 bus, and putting in a bin when I got off.

* Inspiring someone else to raok!

* Stocking the break room fridge.

* Being a kitchen fairy and making a friend's kitchen look awesome.

As well as lots of general niceness and helpfulness!

To keep up with our raoking, we tweet using the hashtag #raok365. :-)

Have a fantastic day!


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