Friday, 26 February 2010

58 days in

I'm horrible about keeping up with the blog. And since I haven't posted in soooo very long, I'm not going to try and list every single RAoK I've done since my last post (back in January, I believe). However, I will take a minute to let you know what my favorite few have been over the past few weeks...

-Remembering the guards at the gate. Every day I have to go onto Fort Polk--an army post. That's were I work. And, typically the guards work regular shifts. So, when time permits, I try to have a short chat with them. This has been really cool because as weeks have progressed, and I see the guard again, I get to ask them about things we've discussed in the past. And I think it means a lot to them.
-Mailing coupons for diapers to a friend with a baby. I know kids can be expensive, so I've started clipping coupons for people I know can use them. I'm not sure if they actually do...but after I have a few saved up, I write them a friendly note and include the coupon for baby stuff.
-Writing an encouraging letter to a facebook friend. Mind you, this is a friend from high school. I think we are only friends on facebook because we went to school together and graduated in the same class. We weren't even close friends back in high school. Anyway, I saw a status update that said she was nervous about starting her new job. I just started my new job, so I knew how she felt. I sent her a message of encouragement and she seemed really pleased.
-We have penny jars at gas station counters. Essentially, it is where people leave their pennies so the next person can use them if they are short a few cents...rather than break a larger coin or dollar. So, anyway, I've been trying to leave my change. Even larger coins like nickles and dimes.

Anyway, that's a few of my favorites. I don't think I've been quite as creative as the others. Maybe I should take some of their ideas and use them over the next few days!!!

Happy RAoKing everyone! And I'll try to update more often from now on!!

Emily xo.


  1. Go Emily! Sounds like you're doing brilliantly!


  2. Nice blog! I hope you post more. I will be back for more.

  3. So, how's that blogging coming along?


  4. Hi Ily,

    I was reading Señorita’s blog titled Now, Don’t Hold Back ! and noticed your comment about “but like you, I want a little more originality and worthwhile conversation,” and completely agree with you. Sometimes in our busy society the ‘art of conversation’ is not present leading to a lack of connection.

    I admire your goal of random kindness and will follow you One of values is to be kind in this world, I used to be nice, but now I like kind. To me striving to be nice lead to people overstepping my boundaries and taking advantage of me, whereas kindness allows me to stand up for myself but have kind words and deeds. Ultimately I want to think before acting – will this benefit the world?

    One of my favorite books is the sacred art of LOVINGKINDNESS preparing to practice that might be of interest to you on your journey. The author Rabbi Rami Shapiro writes about thirteen attributes of lovingkindness, he describes his book as “a cookbook for lovingkindness, and it must supply you with recipes for making your life more loving and kind…”



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