Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Keeping Up and Catching Up

So, it's been a while since I've posted. Sorry about the absence....there is no good excuse.

Anyway, things have been going pretty good on the RAoK front. I have tried to document every one I do in a journal, but that hasn't always been easy. I'm using this last 1/3 of the year to catch up with my RAoKs, since there are a few days I've missed.

Recently (for those joinee folks out there), I've rejoined the forum. Because of my busy schedule and obsession with facebook, I lost track of what was happening with the forum. I deactivated facebook and have tried to visit the forum more often. I realized there are several new joinees each month, none of whom I have acknowledged since their arrival. So, as a RAoK, I picked a few and sent them welcome messages. Who doesn't like a message? Hopefully this will be twofold. The new Joinees will feel welcome, and I'll be more attentive to the "New Joinees" thread.

Some other favorites:
-Adding songs to the Itunes gracenote database for a local artist whose CD had not yet been put on Itunes
-Donating things to a womens' shelter
-Being overly nice to the cashier at a store who appeared to be having a bad day. In the end she smiled, and I think she was genuinely happy.

Well, like I said, I've still got several to do to catch up with 365. But, it's been a fun project so far!

How's everyone else getting along??


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  1. I've not been actively seeking the RAoKs out, if I'm honest, but I think I'm probably doing more than I was before the year started.

    Yesterday I picked up a lady's Oyster card on the Tube after it fell out of her pocket.

    And then gave it back to her. Obviously.


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